Cheap Hotel, Somewhere in Florida

We arrived at about 7PM. It's difficult to tell the time in Florida where the days are long and the nights often violent. There was no pretense: they wanted others to see this mess.

man and woman in bed offering each other comfort
woman applies her friends eye liner

She deserves to feel beautiful. A friend helps her apply make up. She wants to go outside to shoot outside to see the sunset, but darkness brings skepticism, weird looks, paranoia.

man struggles with addiction

They’re brothers, the two men. I don’t know whether or not this means family. She tells me she’s the peacemaker. The two love each other but are prone to disagreements and fights she keeps under control.

man reads poetry and lyrics

"I was a normal kid. I know I'm a fuck up. I don't need society to tell me I'm a fuck up. I'm not proud of this. But it's who I am. She's the only thing that keeps me together. I couldn't go on without her."

We stayed too long. The camera was put away. The next day we received a phone call, a thank you, and a message that he had disappeared.

man looks at photographer
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