Chicago, Bachelorettes Party

Gay marriage had only become federally legal a few months before. Even in America's third largest city, people were uncertain what to make of a bachelorettes party. "The brides will be arriving shortly," went one conversation. "Brides?", emphasis on the "s." Yes. Brides. "Oh so it's shared!." It had to be explained they would be marrying each other.

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Rainbow keychain denoting gay pride
Woman prepares with coffee for her bachelorette party
cheers bitches sign hangs above beds in a Chicago Hotel in honor of gay bachelorettes
women prepare for a night out during lesbian bachelorette party
cheers bitches sign fallen during course of bachelorettes party
women and friends dancing
woman and her wife kiss during their bachelorette party
woman and her wife at their bachelorette party in a Chicago club
women in hotel overlooking Chicago
leaving Chicago on train 
after bachelorette party
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